A fresh take on Italian Cuisine

Osteria Marzano was born from the desire to bring a fresh dining experience the greater Alexandria / Springfield Area. The father-daughter duo behind this restaurant, Carmine Marzano and Elena Pouchelon, wanted to create an environment where people can feel at home and enjoy authentic Italian food. Together, they combine six decades of experience in hospitality and Italian cuisine, offering housemade dished with with ingredients that flew from Italy to your dish.

So if you live in the area and you are looking for a dining experience that is different from fast food chains, you are going to love Osteria Marzano. We have salads, soups, meat, handmade pasta, authentic pizzas, fresh fish and seafood, desserts, and so much more.

Whether you’re going out to meet friends or you have a date night with your loved one, we provide a space where you enjoy both comfort and intimacy. Our menu covers a large array of dishes to satisfy all of your cravings, and our friendly waiters will be happy to help you make your choice.

Osteria Marzano also hosts plenty of events such as birthday parties, charity events, corporate parties, and more. We love to bring together the local community and provide an outlet where people can bond over good food. For more details, see our Events page.

Elena Pouchelon

Managing Owner

From an early age, Elena had a behind the scenes look into every aspect of the restaurant business. Her late grandfather owned several restaurants in the heart of DC and her parents owned Ristorante Luigino for 17 years, downtown as well. Not to mention her family overseas owning several nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels – she knows this business because she was raised in it.

By the age of 23, she partnered up with her father on the perfect opportunity to create a brand they felt was lacking in the Franconia area. “We wanted to create the perfect combination of modern atmosphere and great food. A place that felt like a second home to guests, with personable customer service, and who better to create this with than my best friend?!”

While in charge of business operations, marketing, and finances, Elena’s favorite part is team building and creating memorable experiences for OM guests. “We wouldn’t be anything without our amazing team and loyal guests, so they deserve my best.” OM strives to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for them to dine in and relax, whether they be on a date, out with friends, or enjoying a nice meal on their own at the stunning bar.

Elena takes pride in her work. She uses everything she’s learned from previous employers and generations of people in her family —their successes and their failures— to run Osteria Marzano. Elena was awarded Business Person of the Year by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce in 2018. She works long hours evolving the OM brand, but also takes the time to Volunteer, giving back to the community that she loves.


Executive Chef & Co-Owner

Born in Calabria, Italy, Chef Carmine Marzano inherited his culinary flair from his father and developed a passion for cooking since childhood. Carmine trained at Istituto Alberghiero Statale di Pienerolo, and then served as Executive Chef for three years at the exclusive Ristorante Giudice in Turin, Italy. He came to the United States to assist the critically acclaimed Chef Roberto Donna with the opening of Galileo, where he served as Sous-Chef for four years.

With this passion for Italian cooking in his blood, it’s no surprise that Marzano married a woman with a similar passion for Italian cooking, Deborah Bruzzo – daughter of Corrado Bruzzo, owner of Washington’s Famous Luigi’s restaurant. In 1993, Carmine opened Ristorante Luigino, which he ran for 15 years before returning to the family-owned Luigi’s. He is proud to have created his newest restaurant, Osteria Marzano, in partnership with his daughter Elena.

Together with Chef Marzano’s distinctive Assaggini Italian tapas-style bar menu and modern take on authentic Italian fare, this father-daughter team brings a hands-on approach to every aspect of their restaurant. You’ll find both Marzano and Pouchelon in the restaurant daily, ensuring that guests enjoy a personalized, memorable, and delicious dining experience.